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February Heroes of the Month

General Announcement

 Congratulations to the Heroes of the Month of February!  The character trait for the month was kindness.  Staff recognized the following students for giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement with words, gifts, or actions..  Way to go:  

6th Grade


7th Grade


8th Grade

Alice M.


Apple L.


Aidyn C.

Anisha A.


Bennett C.


Allie C.

Avery T.


Finn M.


Anna P.

Avik S.


Jos K.


Ash D.

Avyan A.


Keiko D.


Ava M.

Bella C.


Lailah K.


Brady L.

Bentley H.


Luke M.


Caitlin K.

Bobby D.


Madeleine F.


Cate S.

Cooper K.


Neil S.


Colton W.

Elyssa B.


Nikhil S.


Ella B.

Emery K.


Peter L.


Evelyn H.

Irina R.


Riley E.


Haritha G.

Jace P.


Shresta K.


Jonas H.

Klara K.


Tristan W.


Kyra P.

Liam F.


Zack T.


Natalie N.

Liz T.




Nicholas C.

Maggie R.




Rex G.

Michael M.




Yosha B.

Olivia S.





Raina K.





Shuto O.





Yaqeen A.




  • General Announcement