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HEROES of the Month: October

Photo of students of the month for October 2022.

Congratulations to the Heroes of the Month for October.

The character trait for this month was "Patience." Teachers recognized students that responded with their values or their beliefs rather than their impulses or their immediate feelings. These students accepted delays or troubles without getting angry or upset with others. Well done, Lynx Heroes.

Here is a list of our students of the month: 

Ira U.,Isa C., Isabelle W., Jose G., Kush B., Kushal K., Leah K., Liam F., Maggie R., Marko C., Mia R., Nora M., Nora M., Sam H., Samaira T., Sara N., Shriya K., Siddhesh Srikumar N., Suhani G., Sui M., Teri W., Yan X., Suhani G., Abigail W., Ace C., Akshara V., Bodhi C., Ella L., Grace T., Karolina R., Karolina R., Luke M., Lyna A., Mason R., Mason R., Nikhil S., Nyla K.Peter L., Pranav K., Sophie B., Tiffany C., Tristan W., Tyler J K., Tyler S., Zach T., Zoe B., Anita M., Ava F., Caitlin K., Colton W., Katie R., Leo L., Logan M., Mythri K., Nathan C W., Paige C. and Siddh M.