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HEROES of the Month: December and January

Photo of Dec./Jan. Heroes of the Month

December's and January's trait, humility, focused students to think about their authentic selves and understand that everyone has something to teach you if you're willing to learn. Being good or even great at something gives you opportunities to share your knowledge. Everyone has something to teach others, and everyone has something to learn.

Here is the list of our December/January nominees:

In 6th Grade

  • Jose G. 
  • Suhana T 
  • Epic I 
  • Mahathi R 
  • Greyson M 
  • Irina R 
  • Berit C. 
  • Wren C. 

In 7th Grade:

  • Logan S. 
  • Aanya W. 
  • Yuna T. 
  • Rose S. 
  • Finn M. 
  • Lailah K. 
  • Raahim B. 
  • Chloe K. 
  • Haley L. 
  • Angira S. 
  • Eswara R. 
  • Anvi M. 
  • Chloe K.  

In 8th Grade:

  • Owen B. 
  • Matoi M. 
  • Ali W. 
  • Jenna F. 
  • Evelyn H. 
  • Logan M. 
  • Zana W. 
  • Lova H. 
  • Jeric Y. 
  • Lorenz R. 
  • Alexandra B. 
  • Ziyu W. 
  • Featured Story