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HEROES of the Month: November

Students of the month for November.

Our November HEROES for the trait of selflessness exhibited strong examples of how to act selflessly.

The qualities of being selfless are thinking about other peoples' needs and making sacrifices of time, energy, and service to meet those needs. One student wrote "My friend knew that I needed help with my science homework; he gave up going to a movie to help."

Here is a list of some of our November nominees:

Nora M.
Yash J.
Monica C.
Pranav C.
Avery T.
Kaden R.
Charlie H.
Kaden R.
Avik S.
Ellie F.
Grace T.
Harshitha A.
Kaleb L.
Tyler W.
Mari G.
Isaiah H.
Milo W.
Madi K.
Shaurya B.
Siddh M.
Holly M.
Srita B.
Molly O.
Anya P.
Sophia B.